Organisational development

Organizational Development

“Organizational and cultural development” sounds so abstract. Do we really need it? If everyone simply does their work, then that will do just fine! OK – but at what price? Above all, changes challenge employees: a change of leadership or generation, the introduction of new tools and instruments, or the fusion of work areas involves a great deal of effort for all involved. “Just do it” is only of limited help – after all, we are talking about people with their respective habits, desires and opinions who must support and help shape these change processes.

Specifically, freistil would like to support you on the following occasions:

  • Your next strategy workshop is coming up and you are looking for a skilled moderator?
  • You have the feeling that in terms of output everything in your organization (company, project, department, team) is fine, but not in terms of outcome or impact?
  • You would like to strengthen the spirit in your team and the annual visit to the Christmas market simply won’t do it?
  • You work in an intercultural team and notice invisible trenches?
  • You are leading a team and want moderated feedback?

As a consultant with a systemic background, I will look at your processes from a holistic perspective. Find out more about me here.