Freistil Consulting

Communications - Organizational Development - Expert Advice in International Cooperation


Strategic communication is becoming increasingly important. Complex projects need to be described in plain language so that your customer, client or donor can easily understand what is at stake in a short time. freistil Consulting can help you create a concept so that your resources are used efficiently. freistil Consulting develops creative formats for your company, NGO or program, so that your work gets the attention it deserves.

Organizational Development

We’ve all experienced it in our jobs: here comes a new process, a new tool. Better, faster, stronger. But sometimes it helps to be clear before you start. What do we actually want with this tool or process? Where do we want to go? And what do we need in order to achieve that? freistil Consulting supports your team, your company or your organisation in the search for the right strategy. My services range from process support and moderation to team development.

Expert Advice

freistil Consulting focuses in particular on consulting organisations and companies that are active in international cooperation. freistil focuses in particular on development policy, gender issues,  water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in countries of the global South.