Expert Advice

Expert Advice in International Cooperation


For more than five years I worked for the water and sanitation sector of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. As a political scientist, I am particularly interested in the institutions and governance processes necessary for successful water and sanitation processes. An important example in public spaces are schools in which water and sanitation are often not guaranteed. While in Germany school toilets have already been declared a state of emergency in some schools, in countries of the global South the problems are often even worse. Who is responsible for maintenance? Where does the money come from to buy cleaning materials? 

Specifically, I can offer the following:

  • Preparation of technical studies & concept papers

  • Policy Advice

  • Conception and facilitation of events

  • Communication & external presentation of water and sanitation issues


In contexts marked by extreme poverty, women and girls are particularly disadvantaged. They are the ones who must fetch water for their families over long distances, who do house and family work and are often not sufficiently represented in decision-making processes. Small adjustments are often enough to make life easier for women. In schools it is simple possibilities for menstrual hygiene, in companies it can be part-time options or precautions against sexual harassment. Gender-separated data collection can reveal the differences between the sexes and reveal blind spots. Structural changes, on the other hand, require more time and patience. freistil Consulting is happy to support you in gender analyses or the implementation of different activities.